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3 years ago
Where can I get one of those bubbler-guns? Asking for a friend
Teddy ruxpin 3 years ago
It is in my opinion that finding a teen Asian is luckier than finding a leprechaun and a pot of gold
3 years ago
0:02 and 0:06 made me laugh
Oppaidaisuki 3 years ago
Whos her name?
3 years ago
Well that was nice and boring as usual lol
2 years ago
So not only stereotypical Asian women fetishism but also playing off the fact that she's supposed to look like shes 10 & under. Yall are fucking gross bro
good 3 years ago
it soe bad
Mankind 3 years ago
I’m still waiting for the powerbomb through the table?
.... 3 years ago
Phillipines 3 years ago
Man you filipinos are weird